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Weekend workshop with Leslie Kaminoff

September 7-8, 2019

Address: Yogashakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A
Price: 2400 sek whole weekend, 700 sek / single workshops

Register: with name and phone number to: info@yogashakti.se

Saturday September 7, 9:30am-12:30pm
An Introduction To Breath-Centered Yoga and Demystifying the Bandhas
In this highly interactive, experiential session, Leslie will introduce the distinctive breath-centered teachings of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar from a historical, scholarly and anatomical perspective while leading participants into a progressively deeper understanding of the vital forces at work in the human breathing mechanism during yoga practice.

Details of breath sequencing, coordination with movement and spinal action are some of the elements that comprise the topic of bandha. Far from being a mystical practice, the good news is the moment we were immediately, implicitly learning bandhas when we first learned to coordinate breath and body movement. From this perspective, deepening our yoga consists of nothing more than uncovering our innate ability to find support and spaciousness through a breath-centered practice.

Saturday September 7, 14.00-17.00 (2:00-5:00pm)
Re-imagining Alignment: part 1
The first part of Leslie's Re-imagining Alignment begins with an historical and anatomical perspective on the subject and functional definition of alignment followed by an exploration of the uniqueness of human structure. Starting with clear, simple principles that govern musculoskeletal function, Leslie will help you put your asana on a solid foundation literally from the ground up (and from your head down).
Topics include:

A historical context for alignment in asana
Anatomical definition and principles of alignment
The relationship of bandha to support and movement

Sunday September 8, 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm
The Warrior Series - A Hands-Free Vinyasa Practice
If you like a strong, flowing, breath-centered yoga practice, but have done more than a few too many down dogs, up dogs and chaturangas, then this is the class for you. This practice-heavy workshop will lead you through a specially-designed vinyasa that strongly works the legs and moves the spine in all possible directions, all without putting any body weight on your hands. The use of breath cueing to achieve alignment and safety objectives will be covered through exploring individual adaptation and modification for individual therapeutic objectives.

Sunday September 8, 14.00-17.00 (2:00-5:00pm)
Re-imagining Alignment: part 2
Part 2 of Leslie's Re-imagining Alignment relies on students to bring questions about their own asana practice and teaching language. Leslie will promote an experimental, experiential atmosphere of inquiry regarding the teaching of alignment, safety and effective cueing of asana.

Why instructions like "tuck your tail," "lengthen your spine," "square your hips" may be doing more harm than good, and what kind of language to use instead
Breath-centered, anatomically-based cueing
The use of gazing (drishti) and imagery to foster increased neuromuscular integration

Leslie Kaminoff

Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. He is an internationally recognized specialist with four decades' experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. He leads anatomy and yoga methodology workshops for many of the leading yoga associations, schools and training programs in the world.

Leslie's book Yoga Anatomy, (co-authored with Amy Matthews), sold out its first print run of 19,000 within one month of its June 2007 release, and has been a top-selling yoga book on Amazon ever since. The book went into 12 printings before the newly-revised second edition of Yoga Anatomy was released on October 31, 2011, now with well over half a million copies in print and translations into 23 languages.

Leslie is the founder of The Breathing Project, a New York City based non-profit educational corporation which ran highly respected year-long courses in yoga anatomy from 2003 to 2017. Those courses have been available online to a worldwide audience at yogaanatomy.net since 2011. Currently there are over 5000 students from at least 46 countries participating in this growing online community.

Leslie also helped to organize international yoga conferences while serving as Vice-President of Unity in Yoga, and was part of the ad-hoc committee that established national standards for yoga teacher training. Prior to the formation of The Yoga Alliance, Leslie was a strong voice in the ensuing national debate regarding the application of those certification standards. This dialogue resulted in the creation of e-Sutra, an influential e-mail list and blog that has an active worldwide membership.

Read more about Leslie and his work: https://www.yogaanatomy.org


Timmermansgatan 10

Högbergsgatan 30A

E-post: info@yogashakti.se
Tel: 0707-906 906


Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A:
Mån-tors 09.00-20.00
Fre: 09.00-19.00
Lör: 09.00-17.00
Sön 10.00-18.00

Mariatorget; Timmermansgatan 10

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