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Unravelling the Myths of the Pelvic Floor

Ever thought of this?

- Should I engage the pelvic floor on an inhalation or exhalation? Why?
- Is it true that weak glutes can effect pelvic floor dysfunction?
- How do I teach pelvic floor exercises in class in a way that doesn´t feel embarrassing?
- Is a strong mula bandha equal to a strong pelvic floor? (Spoiler alert: no)

Tuesday 13 Nov 19.00-21.00

Melanie Cooper and Lisa Dale
Price: 300 SEK

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This workshop aims to unravel some of the myths surrounding pelvic floor health as it relates to the yoga world especially. 

Pelvic floor dysfunction will effect 80% of the population within their lifetime (yes that many!) And it's hardly spoken about, let alone understood.

Some common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are

- Constipation
- Period pains
- Leaking wee when coughing or laughing 

We will explore how to work with different problems and how they can affect the rest of the body and a person's practice. 

Especially useful to yoga teachers and exercise therapists but open to everyone - this is knowledge everyone should have! 

The workshop will be down to earth and fun!

About the teachers:

Lisa Dale:
Melanie Cooper:

Lisa is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist (B.Sc. MISCP) specialising in the areas of pelvic health and muskuloskeletal physio. She is a member of CPWHC (Chartered Physiotheraists in Womens Health and Continence). She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga all her life. 
Lisa is passionate about educating and sharing her knowledge and teaches workshops to yoga teachers and practitioners aiming to increase awareness of how different bodies and body parts move and funstion; what can go wrong and what we can do about it. She uses pranayama and asana (along side other modalities) on a daily basis with her patients in a clinical setting and gets wonderful results with this holistic approach.

E-RYT 500
Melanie has been teaching ashtanga yoga for over 20 years. Her love of yoga comes through strongly in her teaching. She is passionate about making yoga safe and right for everyone individually. She mainly divides her time between Bristol and Goa, practicing and teaching yoga and sometimes you can see her dancing on the beach. For many years she was running the morning mysore program at the Life Centre, one of London's most prestigious yoga centres. She recently moved to Bristol, where she runs teacher teacher trainings. She runs retreats in Ibiza, Sweden, Crete and India and is the author of 'Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana'



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