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Unravelling the Myths of the Pelvic Floor

With Melanie Cooper

Sunday May 19th
kl.16.30 - 18.00
With Melanie Cooper
YACEP 1,5 hr, Level 2 (RYS 300) 1,5 hr

Price: 250 SEK EARLY BIRD 200 kr until April 19th

with name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se

Ever thought of this?
- Should I engage the pelvic floor on an inhalation or exhalation? Why?
- Is it true that weak glutes can effect pelvic floor dysfunction?
- How do I teach pelvic floor exercises in class in a way that doesn´t feel embarrassing?
- Is a strong mula bandha equal to a Strong pelvic floor? (Spoiler alert: no)

This workshop aims to unravel some of the myths surrounding pelvic floor health as it relates to the yoga world especially.

Pelvic floor dysfunction will effect 80% of the population within their lifetime (yes that many!) And it's hardly spoken about, let alone understood.

Some common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are
- Constipation
- Period pains
- Leaking wee when coughing or laughing

We will explore how to work with different problems and how they can affect the rest of the body and a person's practice.

Especially useful to yoga teachers and exercise therapists but open to everyone - this is knowledge everyone should have!

The workshop will be down to earth and fun!


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