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July 2: Yoga & Kirtan with Petros Haffenrichter, assisted by Fia Agoo

Harmony in Bliss - An evening of Yoga & Kirtan with Petros Haffenrichter, assisted by Fia Agoo

"The practices of Yoga are the key to an open mind and mindfull openess toward life and it's ways. Through hatha yoga we are able to observe ouselves on a more subtle level. Slowly we learn to discriminate between conditioned behaviour and freedom. We learn, that we are no victims if we choose not to be and that we hold the key to joy in our very hand. The practices of Yoga will eventually but inevetably change our perspective which opens the gates for liberation in this life, not in some far away place or time.
With the words of Bhagavan Das: It's here now, are you?

Time: 18.00-20.00, Tuesday July 2nd

Place: Yogashakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A

Price: 220 SEK

Register with name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se and pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203

Music is something moving, the proof of the greek quote "panta rei - always flowing" and when the further ingredients are devotion and presence, something magic can happen, something that has been described by yogis as "ananda - bliss". this state is nothing far, fixed or framed. it is the state, when intuition, strength and spirit harmonise in the now. harmonies are the foundation of music - and so we come together to spontaniously experience, what the word itself actually describes: harmony (greek: armonia: to bring together; the union of opposites to one whole). so the greek root of the word, that describes the union of opposites is nothing other than something very familiar to us: yoga!" - Petros

Petros Haffenrichter is the founder of two Jivamukti Yoga Schools in Germany and is now operating a new studio in Munich, TheYoga.love He is also the founder of the yoga travel agency Yoga Travel & Beyond. He gives workshops, kirtans, and retreats around the world. Summers he spends, since 2003, mainly in his yoga-retreat "kretashala" at the Southcoast of Crete. Born into a family of artists and musicians he's a dedicated lifelong student of arts and music and plays a variety of instruments. He has performed in countless concerts and festivals and have published music on several albums, most recent on Minoica "Airheart" in 2019. He is in Stockholm to perform alongside Krisna Das on July 2nd.

Fia Garvner Agoo shares yoga practices, yogic philosophy and insights that inspires to live life in high vibration - from the heart, with compassion - the Jivamukti Yoga method. For the past 3 years she's been teaching all around the world as she travels from country to country with her husband and photographer Filip Cederholm Agoo. Sometimes they also travel alongside with Petros in Costa Rica, Crete or in India. Yoga, however, is about travelling inside, to integrate and balance the self with the higher Self, a journey Fia's been on for the past 17 years. In Stockholm you find her practicing and teaching in her private yoga shala on Södermalm and at events and studios around town. Fia will assist Peros during the class.


Timmermansgatan 10

Högbergsgatan 30A

E-post: info@yogashakti.se
Tel: 0707-906 906


Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A:
Mån-tors 09.00-20.00
Fre: 09.00-19.00
Lör: 09.00-17.00
Sön 10.00-18.00

Mariatorget; Timmermansgatan 10

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