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Understand our relationship to Prana in the Yoga Practice

09:00 - 11:00: Morning Masterclass Session
13:00 - 16:30: Afternoon Sessions

Full Workshop: 1750 kr
Afternoon sessions only: 1200 kr

Register: with name and phone numer to info@yogashakti.se
Pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203

Prana, often translated as "Life Force", is the energy the moves through the body and beyond.  We can cultivate our Prana through our breath, but what does that really mean?  We can think about holding our breath or manipulating our breath in order to connect to our prana, but that is very simplistic.   We need to look at how the nervous system behaves in response to the breath and movement in order to remove resistance from the body and mind.  Only then can we open the channels for the prana to flow. 

During these two afternoons we'll examine certain aspects that limits our ability to connect to our energy and unlock these limitation.  In movement the ability for the body to remain elastic, use all the joints and find integration can free up the energy centres.  Julie specialises in finding that  natural spring loading in the body by discovering the magic in all the joint articulations. 

In the breath, we are often taught to control the breath and manipulate it in ways that can be more restricting than freeing.  Here we will focus on how breath moves through the body, how to align the breath and the movement in freedom, not force.  We will always work towards ease and simplicity to let go. 

Lastly we examine the resistance in the mind, which informs resistance in the body.  How our inner dialogue can make us feel stuck and therefore limit our energetic connections.   Looking at changing perspective, and un-patterning our limiting thoughts in order to feel release in all aspects, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This workshop is open to all and designed to help us connect to sensation and energy through our curiosity and discovery. 


Timmermansgatan 10

Högbergsgatan 30A

E-post: info@yogashakti.se
Tel: 0707-906 906


Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A:
Mån-tors 09.00-20.00
Fre: 09.00-19.00
Lör: 09.00-17.00
Sön 10.00-18.00

Mariatorget; Timmermansgatan 10

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