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Mateusz Krawiec

Living inside the body is offering us so many possibilities. So many amazing Teachers in different Traditions giving us perspective on how to be in the body.

I am very blessed to meet many Yoga dance , movement , inner martial arts Teachers.
Their work inspired me to ask questions
"What connects all this practices?"
"What was it before we put a name like Yoga ,Dance, Qi-Gong, Animal Flow,Embodied Flow...etc"
"How different sounds and Vibrations can support essence of our Being?"

In my work as Yoga Teacher I am inviting You to process in which you can build relationship with your senses. Receptivity which helps you to interpret signals from your tissue, muscular and joint response to alignment and misalignment in poses and movement transitions.
Through breath and inner organs movement to perhaps subtleties of energy awareness.
Trauma sensitive approach is important for me in establishing safe space for students.

Nucleus and foundation of my practice is Kundalini Yoga which navigates me through waves of life. Helps me to make friends with the Mind.

Gong I found as the most powerful and simpliest therapeutic tool.
As the effect of Gong reaches everyone and require no skills to be taken into deep relaxation and calms the mind. Its a free ride to Meditation

My work is in form of Classes, Workshops, Teacher Training modules, Gong Concerts and private consultations.


Timmermansgatan 10

Högbergsgatan 30A

E-post: info@yogashakti.se
Tel: 0707-906 906


Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A:
Mån-tors 09.00-20.00
Fre: 09.00-19.00
Lör: 09.00-17.00
Sön 10.00-18.00

Mariatorget; Timmermansgatan 10

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