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    STUDIO + ONLINE Vinyasa and zazen, 8 week course w/ Shay Peretz

    kl. 07.00 - 08.30

    With the intention of creating a cohesive group of practitioners focused on self expression in active movement through a progressive sequencing of vinyasa and cultivating a Soto Zen mediation practice.

    This course will take place both at the studio and streamed online with Zoom,  so that you can participate from home (or come to the studio).

    April 14th to June 2nd, 2020

    8 sessions
    Time: Tuesdays, kl.07.00-08.30
    Price: 1600 SEK
    Address: Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30A,
    Teacher: Shay Peretz

    Register with name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se
    Pay course fee to BG: 271-8203 to complete your registration. 

    Meeting for 8 weeks; each week exploring one of the aspects of the this path each and cultivating self practice in between sessions. To create a practice that we can integrate in our daily lives.

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    Yoga Nidra teacher training

    kl. 09.00

    Jennie Wadsten E-RYT 500 & Melanie Cooper E-RYT 500

    Wednesday 20 Nov - Friday 22 Nov 2019

    Place: YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, 116 20 Stockholm

    6900 SEK
    Early bird: 5900 SEK before Aug 20th

    Course content and register:

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    Breathwork for Liberation, with Erin Telford

    kl. 17.00 - 19.00

    When we use the breath as a tool to access our subconscious, we can free ourselves from the mental/emotional patterns and societal conditioning that can keep us limited in our lives. Triggers and activations soften, and we gain space, helping us to become less reactive and more responsive in our lives. Come home to your body as a safe space, open your heart within, and set yourself free.

    DATE: Saturday, May 9th,
    TIME: kl.17.00-19.00
    REGISTER: Send name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se

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    Yoga in Life, A 4-day course with Simon Krohn

    kl. 09.00

    Yoga has the potential to increase freedom and decrease suffering in your life. However, just doing your yoga is not enough. Whatever unfortunate patterns you are stuck in, you can and will bring them into your yoga practice if you do not know how to navigate.

    This course offers a powerful journey into your own life, and at the same time it will provide a comprehensive introduction to yoga philosophy. We shall draw on this ancient wisdom and use its models to address, what the Indian philosophers call the root cause of suffering. 


    Who can join?
    Anyone with some experience of yoga can participate, and the course is equally relevant for yoga students and yoga teachers.

    Place: Yoga Shakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, 116 20 Stockholm

    21st of May: 09.00 - 17.00 
    22nd of May: 09.00 - 17.00
    23rd of May: 09.00 - 17.00
    24th of May: 09.00 - 16.00

    (Lunch breaks, approximately kl.12.00-13.00)

    Price:  4 500 SEK

    1. Send your name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se
    2. Pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203 (ref. Simon WS)


    Simon Krohn is one of the most sought-after yoga teachers in Scandinavia. He teaches yoga, breathing technique, meditation and philosophy at a number of teacher trainings in Denmark and internationally. Within Yoga Alliance he holds the highest certification (E-RYT 500) and he has a master's degree in Indian philosophy. He is the author of the bookNärmare någoton yoga philosophy, which was released in Swedish in 2016.

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    Breathwork for Courage, with Michelle Baker

    kl. 19.15 - 21.15

    We are often taught that courage is the ability to do something that frightens one; that courage is strength is the face of pain or grief. but to me it feels as though a formal definition lacks true meaning from what one actually feels and experiences through acts of courage.

    To me, courage is any sincere endeavor generated by the whispers and roars of guidance from the heart.

    Courage is surrender to the unknown.
    Courage is faith in oneself.
    Courage is honest conversations.
    Courage is love.

    Let's breathe into the heart of courage and see what desires have been waiting to unfold.

    DATE : Thursday, March 26th
    TIME : 19:15 - 21:15
    EXCHANGE : 350 sek
    LOCATION :  Yoga Shakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm
    REGISTER : E-mail your name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se
    Pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203 (ref: BW March 26)

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    Dream Yourself Awake - Women’s Circle, with Tanya Markul

    kl. 17.30 - 19.30

    Come sisters, let us sit around the fire of a blooming summer.

    What part of you is being born? What feels different, unknown and new? Join us for an evening of storytelling, ritual and sharing in the medicinal company of other women.

    Be supported and inspired this cycle of life and season of emotion. Partake in a flower essence ritual inviting you into a full, luscious blossom in every facet of your life.

    Answer the call to grow, nourish your inner child and move away from self-sabotage and into self-confidence.

    This unique workshop is led by Tanya Markul, author of The She Book.

    kl. 17.30-19.30
    PLACE: Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30A
    PRICE: 300 SEK
    REGISTER: With name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se
    Pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203 (ref: Tanya)

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    Somatic Stress Release Module 1 with Dr Scott Lyons

    kl. 09.00

    Module 1: Foundations
        •    Introduction to Somatics and Somatic Therapy

        •    Introduction to the History of Stress

        •    Mind-Body Medicine for Stress
        •    Mobilization Practices of Stress

        •    Embodied Resilience Work

        •    Compassion and Acceptance Therapy

        •    Experiential Anatomy of Stress 1

        •    Integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Somatics for Stress

        •    Introduction to Yoga Nidra

        •    Startle Reflex Release Work

        •    Muscular-Fascial Release work with Balls


    Wednesday September 2 - Sunday Septmeber 6, 2020
    kl.09.00-16.00 (9 am - 4 pm)

    Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, 116 20 Stockholm , Sweden

    11 000 SEK

    Register with name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se

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    Fördjupningskurs 15 h – Yoga, vetenskap och fakta med Sara Hoy

    kl. 09.00

    Vad och för vem?
    Helgen är en fördjupning i yoga utifrån ett vetenskapligt perspektiv och är till för dig som är yogaentusiast eller/och yogalärare. Du bör ha en regelbunden yogapraktik eller annan erfarenhet av yoga.

    Kursinnehåll på 15 timmar:
    En fördjupning i forskning på yoga
    Fysiologi kopplat till yoga
    Hur du kan applicera ett vetenskapligt förhållningssätt i din egen yogapraktik eller/och i din yogaundervisning

    Datum & Tider:
    Lördag 3 oktober, kl 9-16
    Söndag 4 oktober kl 9-16

    3 800 SEK

    Yogashakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A

    Anmäl dig med namn och telnr till info@yogashakti.se

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    The Elements of Mastery (Part 1) with Matt Giordano

    kl. 10.00

    What: 3 Day Yoga Immersion
Who: Part 1 is For Yogis and Yoga Teachers looking to truly master body awareness through the practice of Asana
    Teacher: Matt Giordano  - "TheYogiMatt"
    Price: 4200 SEK, early bird 3800 SEK before June 30th
    Place: Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30A; 116 20 Stockholm
    Register: With name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se

    Why: For those that have been developing a steady yoga practice but are really searching to dive into the next layer and develop a true sense of mastery, this is the training for you.

    This Immersion uses the Elements (Earth,Water, Fire, Air, and Space) as a basis for self awareness and deeper knowledge of both body and mind. The Elements of Mastery will take you step by step through the body and provide you with the skills to truly understand your own body both the energetically and practically.

    Trainees will learn to feel their anatomy through "Muscle Actions" and observe what Matt calls "joint relationships" to gain a total understanding from mind to body. In addition to Asana practice there will be postural clinics, body reading, visual demonstration break downs, partner exercises and specific hands on adjustments to develop a stronger kinesthetic connection to precise muscle actions and structural alignments.

    If you are wanting to take your Asana practice to a new level of mastery, feel better in your body, and attain the skills to help others feel good in their body than this immersion is perfect for you.  

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Högbergsgatan 30A
Tel: 0707-906 906

Timmermansgatan 10
Tel: 0707-90 67 87

E-post: info@yogashakti.se


Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A:
Mån-tors 09.00-20.00
Fre: 09.00-19.00
Lör: 09.00-17.00
Sön 10.00-18.00

Mariatorget; Timmermansgatan 10

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